Figuring Out

Moving Forward

Staying Proactive, Effective and Connected in 2021


Live-online every Thursday, 21st January-4th February, 10-10.30am, including Q&A

The Challenge

We’re entering the new year in a complex, bolder and braver world of work. A world where challenges keep on coming, more demanding balances need to be struck…and capabilities are accelerating at speed.

Now equipped with much more resilient toolkits, the potential of 2021 on an individual, organisational and national level is great, yet the kick-start to the year hasn’t been easy.

Morale, motivation and momentum will need a much more intentional boost than in Januarys gone by to avoid burnout. We’re asking how do teams and leaders create that intentionality in mindset, collaboration and activity? Sustain the skills gained and lay the solid foundations for wellbeing and progress we need?


Introducing our new virtual keynote series

Figuring Out Moving Forward

Coming live to your screens to help individuals, teams and leaders stay proactive, effective and connected in 2021.


01. How to stay present and at your best

Questions: How could you be the best version of yourself? What are the building blocks propelling you into positive action?

This session includes: 

  • The stages of change and the importance of recognising the range of  human experiences within it
  • How you can inspire both yourself and others by Putting First Things First
  • How to take ownership of yourself, your activities and the impact you can have


02. How to create trust through true listening

Questions: What is it that truly inspires others to act with empathy and purpose? Where does it all begin?

This session includes: 

  • The anatomy of true listening and effective communication
  • Why Seeking First To Understand, Then To Be Understood is so pertinent in today’s world
  • How listening is linked to increased trust, and what that can achieve

03. How to get tough things done in tough times

Questions: How can we achieve what is most important amidst both the usual and unprecedented daily distractions?

This session includes:

  • Working towards clearly defined goals
  • How to follow through on commitments
  • Maintaining the balance between understanding and accountability
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I'll be sad when these 30-minute sessions are over, they give me such a boost!

Ray and Tim are back by popular demand

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