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What are the keynotes all about?

Our Virtual Keynote series’ are designed to be perspective-expanding for individual contributors, leaders and decision-makers alike.

Each series takes relevant business news and top challenges of the moment, and break them down across multiple weeks into manageable, engaging half-hour webinars. Created to provide you with a window into FranklinCovey’s thinking grown from 30 years of thought leadership, the keynotes inspire mindsets and facilitate skillsets to help you keep moving whatever your obstacle or objective.


Figuring Out Moving Forward: Staying Proactive, Effective and Connected in 2021

Morale, motivation and momentum will need a much more intentional boost than in Januarys gone by to avoid quick burnout. We’re asking how teams and leaders create that intentionality in mindset, collaboration and activity? What values do we need and strategies can we use to lay strong foundations for wellbeing and progress in this braver, bolder world of work?

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I'll be sad when these 30-minute sessions are over, they give me such a boost!

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Really really love these sessions. Been taking notes the whole way through and sharing them with friends and colleagues–including my wider team.

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