Your Greatest Resource: Unlock Unlimited Potential

This event is for: Senior Leaders, Directors, VPs and Business Partners in HR, L&D, OD and other similar fields.

You will learn: Why there is latent talent in organisations, plus the role of leadership in unlocking it towards increased engagement, growth, execution and innovation

The outcome: An understanding of the shifts required for leadership to leverage a higher return on activity and levels of employee excitement whatever their physical environment.

In a more complex world of increased leadership scrutiny, siloed working and varied wellbeing, how do you clear the path for employees to raise the bar for themselves and the company without burning them out? Or draining resources? First is to recognise that untrusted leadership style is a greater cause of burnout than workload. The longer people go with unfulfilled, ignored or misaligned potential, the more inefficient, unproductive and inflexible a workforce becomes. The leaders we need challenge individuals to realise their own voice contribution, giving them an outlet for owning and growing it.

Join Tim Threipland, our Senior Practice Lead for Organisational Development, for Your Greatest Resource: Unlock Limited Potential to discover a blend of proven solutions for developing leaders who empower self-leadership moments in others, addressing:

  • How do we unleash the infinite potential of our people to be the best they can be?
  • How can we help our leaders foster a culture of collaboration and innovation?
  • How do companies communicate to leadership that they can’t-and shouldn’t- do everything alone?