Strategy, Set, Go: Drive Your Goals Forward

Our research has shown that only 15% of employees know what their organisation’s most important goals are- either there are none, or there are too many. Both categories are easy to fall into and difficult to recognise. In fact, it is actually when there is an abundance of ambition, good ideas and innovation- as there has been this past year- that organisations are more at risk of not fully achieving their vision. Why? Because complexity take over,  focus spreads thin and fatigue kicks in. Your high-stakes strategy needs a process that turns your vision and mission into a simple, influenceable roadmap that relates to what your people do every day- so what needs to be done differently?

 Join Ray to discover how our time-proven solution and best-selling book The 4 Disciplines of Execution, with over 3,000 global implementations, is enabling executives everywhere to achieve their wildly important goals through a principle-based methodology which both simplifies activity and makes employee buy-in measurable.

Don’t miss this session as we discuss:

  • How to define the goal that is truly your top priority
  • Reducing the variability in human performance
  • How to identify the activities that make a difference
  • What leaders need to empower commitment, not just compliance
  • How to meaningfully measure behaviour and make progress visible at a glance