Great Leaders Make You Smarter

“Leading with intention starts with understanding how our natural tendencies can take us down the wrong path- how seemingly strong leadership traits can go awry and become our vulnerability”-Liz Wiseman, Author, Multipliers

This event is for: Leaders, Managers and Senior Professionals in L&D, HR, OD or a similar field.

You will learn: The differences between and consequences of Diminishing and Multiplying tendencies in leaders, based on the global research of our partner Liz Wiseman’s best-selling Multipliers.

The outcome: A self-awareness of leadership style, an understanding of the next steps towards  developing leaders who leverage the full capability of their team towards long-term success

Leaders need everyone’s best thinking now more than ever, but the pressure to lead decisively is making it easier to diminish others instead by overlooking what they have to offer. Despite the uncertainty of today, it is actually still the case that your people are ready and waiting to be inspired, challenged, consulted and trusted into action for their organisations.

Join us live-online for Great Leaders Make You Smarter to  discover what is required to become a leader who multiplies capability and delivers stronger results with the same resources by:

  • Identifying and avoiding accidentally diminishing behaviours that all leaders are capable of
  • Rekindling energy and enthusiasm through an environment in which everyone feels valued, heard and credited
  • Encouraging new and bold thinking, making space for others to make mistakes and room for them to own decisions
  • Unleashing the unique genius- skills, interests, perspectives- that each member in every team has